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shrinker and stretcher steels

As the world's leading steel supplier, we can provide a wide range of steel types, including carbon steel, weathering steel, boiler steel, structural steel, etc., and we can meet customers' requirements in any size, as well as the production of steel and complete plant plans. If you are interested in these aspects, please contact us.

If you are interested in our products, please contact us.

    Buy Shrinker Stretchers Online - Australia Hare & Forbes

    Become a Machineryhouse Mate! Sign up for Mates Rates. Australia's leading supplier of Engineering, Metal & Wood working machinery. Buy online or in-store at our locations in Northmead - Sydney, Dandenong - Melbourne, Coopers Plains - Brisbane, Belmont - Perth. INSTALLATION AND OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS FOR 9-27sh 1 cover for shrinker 9-27st 1 cover for stretcher 9-28 4 socket head screw (8-32 x 3/8) replacement assemblies 9-28w 4 ext. tooth lock washer installation and operating instructions for metal shrinkers and stretchers (shrinks metal for inside angles, stretches metal for outside angles) 1. secure the tool to the work bench.


    Stand (#21491) is strongly suggested for mounting the Shrinker Stretcher. See Eastwood Elite Deep Jaw Shrinker Stretcher Stand instruction manual for stand mounting. As an alternative, a sturdy, well anchored workbench with a mini-mum 3/16 steel or 3/4 of a solid wood surface is recommended. Metal Forming Shrinker Stretcher Set Metal Shrinker by Metal shrinker stretcher is a metal forming tool. Basically, this tool is used to make smooth radius curves in a sheet metal. Sheet metal can be formed without heating, cutting, or welding, and by using a shrinker stretcher tool. As the name suggests, a shrinker stretcher tool makes inside curves by shrinking the metal on one side. Metal Shrinker Stretcher 18-Ga Sheet Metal Fabrication Shrinker & Stretcher Manual Machine. The metal shrinker stretcher is designed to handle most of our automotive metal-shaping jobs. It features powerful steel jaws that can curve or angle 16 gauge aluminum, 18 gauge mild steel, 20 gauge stainless steel. Compound leverage allows effortless forming without making relief cuts, heating, or hammer

    Metal Shrinker and Stretcher Princess Auto

    Metal Shrinker and Stretcher. SKU:8623159. 7 reviews This heavy duty tool shrinks and stretches 16-gauge mild steel and 14-gauge aluminum for inside and outside curves, making it perfect for auto body trim work and door panel edging. $299.99 In-Store. Online. In-Stock. 667842081. Estimate Shipping Sheet Metal Shrinker/Stretchers - Free Shipping on Orders Shrinker/Stretcher, Manually Operated Shrinker Stretcher. 16 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity, 6" Throat Depth ( 1 ) Part Number:BAI-1005710 More Detail Sheet Metal Stretcher Shrinker Auto Body ToolmartObtain endless variations of shapes with sheet metal stretchers and shrinkers available now at Auto Body Toolmart for fabrication during automotive repair. COVID-19 Response Products - New items added daily to restart your business, plus keep your customers and staff protected from the coronavirus.

    Shrinker Stretcher Elite Metal Tools

    Metal Shrinker Stretchers are designed to shrink and stretch metal. These metal shaping tools use steel jaws that curve or angle mild steel and aluminum. For metal shapers, the shrinker stretcher machines gives them the ability to quickly stretch or shrink depending on their desired result. Shrinker Stretcher Jaws for Sheet Metal FabricationFor Durable Shrinker Stretcher Jaws and Replacement PartsContact Mittler Bros./Tanner Racing Products. Call Mittler Bros. at 1-800-467-2464. Machine Shop Shrinker Stretchers and Shrinker Stretcher Jaws. Custom sheet metal panels with complex bends, curves, or multiple sheet metal layers require a bit of planning and the right tools. Shrinker Stretcher Sets, Kits & Accessories Mittler Bros.Shrinker stretcher sets, kits, accessories, bodies, powered metal shrinker, powered metal stretcher for aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel Mittler Bros. Blue.

    Shrinker Stretcher Sets, Kits & Accessories Mittler Bros.

    Shrinker stretcher sets, kits, accessories, bodies, powered metal shrinker, powered metal stretcher for aluminum, mild steel, stainless steel Mittler Bros. Blue. Shrinker and Stretcher Metal - TP Tools & EquipmentPre-bent to a 90° angle to fit into Shrinker & Stretcher. Excellent for wheel-wells, doglegs, trunk flanges, etc. Approximately 1" x 1" x 30" long with electrozinc finish which protects metal from rust. 22 gauge. Excellent stretching characteristics. Ship wt:8 lbs. Made in USA. 10 pack. Shrinker/Stretcher Kaka Industrial CanadaSS-18FD Metal Shrinker Stretcher, Cast Iron 18-Gauge Mild Steel Metal Stretcher, Solid Construction Shrinker Stretcher. Regular price C$568 View. FSM-16 Shrinker Stretcher,16 Gauge Mild Steel Capacity. Regular price C$1,199.99 View. Kaka Industrial Spare jaws for FSM16. Regular

    Shrinker/Stretchers :Irvan-Smith, Inc.

    Irvan-Smith, Inc. :Shrinker/Stretchers :These hand tools make smooth radius curves in sheet metal without cutting, welding, heating or hammering. We carry 2 different styles of Shrinker/Stretchers:the affordable and most popular Irvan-Smith, Inc. Brand used by most NASACR race car fabricators and the top of the line Eckold brand for the serious craftsmen. Shrinkers & Stretchers - U.S. Industrial ToolHand operated press gives 45-to-1 leverage allows you to work mild steel, stainless steel and aluminum up to 18 gauge. This tool is available in a deep throat model, TP395, with an 8 reach, a 5 1/2 gap and either shrinker or stretcher jaws. Accessories include shrinker jaws and stretcher jaws. shrinker stretcher Gumtree Australia Free Local ClassifiedsContactless trade; Barcode 1-7-000422D Price was accurate at the time of listing and could have since been revised up or down. For accurate pricing and the ability to place an order online, please visit our page link at the end of this description page You are purchasing a brand new, absolute quality, heavy duty Metal Stand for shrinker/stretcher.

    Metal Shrinker/Stretcher Set

    Great for auto body trim work, and door panel edging, this metal shrinker and stretcher set is designed to create radius bends and contours in sheet metal. Hardened steel jaws have powerful force to curve and angle any 16 gauge aluminum, 18 gauge mild steel, 20 gauge stainless; Bend capacity:up to 3 in. radius; Powder coated to prevent rust